Can we give "Biggest Whiner Award 2016" to Shaco-mains?

Before the rework hit live: "UAAAAAAA {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Shacos numbers is hard nerfed, new stealth and ult is trash and a dumb gimmick. Shaco is SO HARD to play!!! Only us glorious mains play him!!!" When the rework hit live, the Shacomains whined and whined and whined for a weak that they couldn't cheese the enemy jungler lvl 2 for Free Elo. "Shaco is destroyed, his identity is gone, i quit LoL" AP shaco quicky rose to be the best champion in the game, of course due to actual smart Korean players, that realized he had the most broken kit in the game. Infact so broken, he was hotfixed. Shacomains whined and whined and whined "UAAAA he can't be in the spotlight (56 % winrate lul) without getting hard gutted, u leave him in the shitter, he is unplayable UAAAA" The last week, Shaco had the 12th highest winrate on the Rift. "Completely gutted"... Maybe actual skilled players picked him up, while shacomains sit and cry in the corner? ------ Lastly, im sorry only like 10 ppl will see this post before Shacomains unleash an avalanche of downvotes ;)
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