Let's talk about everyone's favorite Demacian to forget - Quinn.

Hey everyone! After seeing a post on the front page of /r/leagueoflegends the other day about Quinn, I decided that I would take the time to construct a post and hope to start some discussion about her on the boards. Quinn has long been one of my favorite champions, and I feel like she deserves some love. As a staff member of the Quinn Mains Discord server, I get to discuss her state quite frequently with people who play her regularly as well as people new to the champion. I also know that for each person who loved old Quinn (like myself) there's another player who prefers Quinn in her current state. However, I think regardless of whether you preferred her previously or like her now, we could all agree that she could use some love. I'd like to re-state what I said in that thread (it was removed due to violating text post rules) and also add some other bits here and there, as well as invite others to chime in and add their thoughts. With that said, I'll start with what drew me to Quinn in the first place. I started playing League in late 2014, during the same patch that Azir was released. Within a few weeks, I had given Quinn a shot, and immediately fell in love with the character and her kit. She was unique and seemed off-meta - which I really like - and I was really successful with her, having a blast in every game I played her. I initially only used Tag Team (her old R) as a way to get back to lane and to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. However, once I discovered how well it fit into her assassination pattern... it opened up an entire new realm of possibilities, and I was locking her in every game. Popping Tag Team, switching to Valor, and swooping in quickly for a clean kill was what kept me hooked. It was my favorite part, the highlight of the entire champion. That single part of her gameplay was what drew me in and kept me locking in Demacia's Wings game after game. Fast forward to 2015, and we got the announcement that Quinn would be included in the upcoming Marksman update. I was really excited upon hearing that announcement. The updates and context we got from Riot gave me the impression that they'd really found a great idea for Quinn. They made it sound like things were coming along wonderfully. Then we got the reveal. Everything's basically the same, except you can't play as Valor anymore. Personally, I was devastated. The part of the champion that, to me, was the core of her identity - it was just scrapped, thrown to the side. In its place we got a mobility gimmick that, in comparison, is far less impactful and costs too much mana for you to even utilize it effectively for the first half of the game. Since her update, Quinn has been on a roller coaster of balance. She's gone from being a high priority pick in pro play to being bad. She's gone from being bad to one of the best assassins in the game due to the introduction of Lethality, and then to being bad again... twice. However, I'd like to break down why I believe that is, instead of just presenting it and not really giving an explanation. The initial goal of the marksman class update was to push different types of ADCs in the bottom lane. On paper, this was a cool idea. Caitlyn was changed to offer more zoning and control; Miss Fortune's wombo combo potential was amplified, Corki became a dependable source of magic damage, and Kog'Maw became an on-hit machine all about getting protection and wiping an entire team. Riot's idea for Quinn was to present an ADC teams could pick when they desired mobility. However, Quinn's basic abilities allow her to function as an excellent assassin - none of these were changed. As a result of the update, Quinn became good at _everything_ - she could be an assassin, a traditional marksman, and a skirmisher, and she was too good at all of them. As a result, she was nerfed. It was the introduction of lethality during the assassin update that saw Quinn rise to the top once again, despite receiving no direct changes - a testament to how excellent her kit makes her as an assassin. Due to this, she received another change, buffing the attack speed she received from her passive marks and nerfing the burst provided by Skystrike. This change was okay at the time, due to the strength of lethality and the newly reworked Blade of the Ruined King - however, once those items had their power reduced, Quinn once again fell to the bottom, and she's been there since. What I _really_ don't understand, though, is why Riot hasn't acknowledged that Quinn's update has fallen flat on its face. Quinn was moved from the "marksman" category of Riot's champion subclass list to the "unique playstyles" category. I find that inaccurate, as I believe her playstyle of having the melee form ultimate was far more unique in her previous state than it is now. Kog'Maw, who was included in the same batch of updates as Quinn, was almost completely reverted after they acknowledged that his update didn't hit the mark. More recently, they've acknowledged that LeBlanc and Rengar missed their target in the Assassin update (both of whom are also not classified as "assassin" any more; LeBlanc is a "burst mage" and Rengar is a "diver"). LeBlanc has been stated as in the pipeline for changes for nearly a year now, and Rengar will be receiving a partial revert to his rework with the release of Patch 8.3. What's so different about Quinn in this regard? We've received no word from Riot about anything related to her - do they agree she's weak? Do they want to buff her? Do they want to do extensive work on her or do an update altogether? What's their opinion on how successful the rework was? As a fan of the character since my first days of playing League, I'm very saddened to see Quinn in the state she currently occupies. To be clear, I'm not asking for a rework, and I'm also not asking for a revert. I'm asking for Riot to give us some sort of context on Quinn and what they think of her. Thanks for reading! {{champion:133}}
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