Yummi just feels bad

I just don't get the point of Yummi. Its like playing sona but a horrible version of her. It feels like its for the support that wants to be like "look at all my assists and low deaths. Its all my ADCs fault" But in reality bot becomes a 2v1 for the most part and she does next to nothing for her ADC. A root ult is just god awful in the bottom lane when it takes multiple hits and doesn't stop the enemy ADC from still autoing down your carry. So it just feels pathetic in all honesty. And I think her winrate in ever rating proves that. It feels like the almost wanted to make an Abatather style champion for Heroes of the Storm but forgot that the hat is bad and the power from an attachment character comes from giving them more to do. Creating creatures on the map to push and exude pressure. Yummi has all the down sides of being terrible and none of the upside of map pressure.
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