Try to defend you favourite champ from being called OP by making BS statements.

For example, I play Fiora and Camille so if anyone would come up to me and say that my champions are generally OP, unfun to play against and toxic to the game (on the side-note, i completely agree with all of the above), I'd go full damage-control and say stuff like *Fiora's W has massive cooldown, j-just bait it heh* *Camille E can be easily dodgable j-just gid gud heh* *What do you mean Cammi's R is toxic, y-you can spellshield it and all of that h-heh* And other like that. You can also do something simpler and say *Just don't get too close lmao* as a Darius player. Or, the best of the best, as Yi player "just cc him lol"
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