Item efficiency, ideas for new features

Hi everyone fellas, I'm an EUW player that has an account on NA too aaand my sister had an Idea for a new feature that would be really useful, so I'm posting for her to give her more visibility since she has no account on NA {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} "I think it would be really useful to check, at the end of the game, the utility and the efficiency of built items, just like it is for the runes in this tab (see screenshot): e.g. with the rabadon you can see (but only in game) a tool tip showing the AP bonus you're stacking and for the old phantom dancer, you could see the "prevented deaths"... but there's no way to check this again, once the game ends. That's why we need a tab like this but for the items too: (ps: add me on PBE, I have no friends ç__ç) I think almost every item might generate a useful information... e.g.: Luden's Echo/Abyssal Mask/Thornmail = bonus damage from the passive; Morellonomicon/Executioner = prevented heal; Youmuu: additional travelled distance with passive (like celerity) Rabadon: AP bonus. IE: Bonus crit damage dealt deriving from the +25% bonus. Spirit Visage: bonus heal. And so on........ And another idea I've been thinking about from a lot... When you start a draft game, you can choose 2 roles, but what if you could choose ONE role except another one? e.g. I want to go mid but I'm ok if I'm autofilled, but I'm a bad jungler, so I want to choose "mid but not jungle". Is something like this possible?"
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