how to get higher rank the easy way

YOU THERE! YES YOU, WHO IS ABOUT TO SCROLL TO Tl;Dr. THERE IS NONE (or is there? Find out by scrolling)! I SPENT TOO LONG WRITING THIS YOU EITHER HEAR ME OUT OR CLOSE THIS TAB Abuse broken champions in the meta. If riot doesn't care why should you. SImple as that easy peasy lemon more easy....... "But Gaza, I'm an _insert role_ main and those type of champions aren't broken right now what do I do (sad face). 2 answers: 1) Short term answer: Switch you're bloody roles don't be so stubborn, if they're broken you just need to get a couple normal games in to full understand/practice the champion before you jump into rank. Usually when a champion is really broken even their counters make little to no difference. So unless that broken champion is banned or picked lock in and get a free win 2) Long term answer: Play a different role, because eventually since you said you're a good player, you will get to a high enough rank that when you play well your team will know they should play around you and your calls (Plat1+). BUT, even in high elo to maintain your rank you ~~should~~ **must** play other roles from time to time! "Why Gaza". Let me finish speaking my young skywalker, you must play other roles to FURTHER improve your main role/champion (for those one tricks) soyou can UNDERSTAND the enemies who play that specific role and use that knowledge to your fullest advantage. Foe exmaple (pun intended): John mains adc and knows the inside and outs of every adc champ and enemy adc matchups. If John players other roles(like jungle or support) outside of adc from time to time he will know: -Certain junglers have a faster clear than others -Certain supports are strong early but lack teamfights in late game (can also help in champion select for strong team competitions if you pick champions that synergize well together) -Certain junglers highly prefer to start on **x** side of the map therefore I can play aggressive or passive until they are about to come or when they completely leave -Certain supports have strong roaming capabilities(bingo I better ping my mid right on top of their head that the enemy support has been MIA care for a gank "But wait Gaza, how do I know if champions are broken?" Patch notes, patch notes, patch notes. Funny enough Riot calls it a patch, haHAA. Patch notes are filled with crazy new updates. See for yourself which champion is the most busted (remember they don't always have to play their designated role, Ezreal went jungle not too long ago). WARNING also check if Riot did there job and nerfed the broken champion you were playing to increase your rank! If even after reading the patch notes you still don't understand well guess what sonny might as well call it quits and uninstall you're going to be stuck in bronze 5 for life......Or will you....? is the right website for you (yikes i sound like an advert -.- ), no but seriously this website will help show you every champion in the games win percentage, for every role. They even show you champion win rates in YOUR elo! Tl;Dr: Overall, you want to progress, **sike!** Go read you lazy bum bum. so long suckers! have a good one. and sory for my bad english i wrote this in one go and was too lazy to edit it, cause im too busy abusing volibear right now hehe

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