I here a lot of people complaining about early FFs but...

In all honesty, what is the point of playing a statistical unwinnable game? Hear me out, because I know I'm going to get a lot of, "the game is not objectively over until the nexus is destroyed," answers. Every time before I vote for that surrender button I ask myself: what is the current win condition for our game? Who is currently winning on our team and their team? What do the comps look like and where do we have tempo to push objectives? Who is soft inting on each team and which team is carrying the most dead weight? Now, if I can't find an answer to my win condition I vote yes. I'm totally fine to continue playing, but I actually want to hear why whoever voted no believes that if we keep playing the game will turn into a win. If you don't answer that question I have reason to believe you're either a masochist or trolling. I'm not one of those 0/3 at 8 minutes "waaah surrender, game over," people. But at the same time if Mr. 0/3 starts to go 0/8 at 20 minutes and we currently have no way to gain back our tempo and the enemy keeps pushing theirs I'm going to vote to surrender. So, next time you vote no to a surrender vote in a game you believe is winnable, please at least explain why the game is winnable. Even if it's not winnable and you just want to keep playing that's fine, but at least explain that too. I'm tired of teammates that are playing decent at best saying "we can win this we scale," when we don't even have inhibitors or vision on baron. Then proceed to play the game as well as they were before perhaps even trying less hard to win just so they can drag that game out for another 3 - 10 minutes. tl;dr If you're voting no please explain to your team why you can win, and then follow through with that plan to at least show you're trying to win.
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