My opinions on Irelia VS Darius

Well I may not be the most experienced player, I have been very keen to talk about this subject. Who has the upper hand in this match up , Irelia, or Darius? I honestly always thought Irelia countered Darius until I looked at many of the comments of other league players. That is probably because I just finished my placements and I've played a lot of Irelia against Darius. I'm a Darius main, but when he is banned or chosen, Irelia is my second option. Lately, Darius has been picked so I would have to for Gbay99. I taught myself how to win the Irelia vs Darius match up. All you really need to do in lower elos is just play safe until lvl 3-4 then start trading. Also, make sure to take e first and Always q when Darius uses decimate. To be honest, I have always won lane like this. I also like to take ignite if I'm feeling keen and my team is confident they can win lanes. I try to make sure I get an early lead so I can snowball. What really got me to talk about this subject is, that when I play Darius vs Irelia, I seem to win most of the time, but when I am against a really skilled Irelia, I lose. So I was wondering which champion had the higher grounds in this match up. Thanks <3 {{champion:39}} VS{{champion:122}}

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