so this is my idea

so in my game there was this miss fortune {{champion:21}} who was refusing to listen to the team yes i was saying things a litte harshly but she never left lane never partisipated in team fights no helping to poke or to kill after pokeing saying i am bad even tho she didnt know that you didnt farm ALL game. As you can see i am pretty fustrated on how people that dont know how to play the game can still be level 30 there should be a requirement to get lvel 30 like you have to have atlease 100 wins(not a big task) or 100 games played at least just to prevent new players to spend money get XP boost and then get level 30 and play with all the other level 30's. ~ side note this is my idea don't go to the comments and be like this so bad you stupid but constructive critisism is goo so what do you think i could add or take from this idea and is it good do you agree?~ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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