Yasuo: A Hard to Swallow Pill

After losing to Yasuo for the billionth time I had a revelation, a hard to swallow one, but an important one nonetheless. **Never** go into the game thinking you are going to win. It's that simple. When I used to fight against Yasuo, I would always go in thinking "yeah THIS is the time I'm going to come out on top". And every single time I would lose, because with a kit more overloaded than a loaded baked potato, how could I? I would get frustrated over not being able to beat him. But then I discovered that that's just it, there IS no way to beat Yasuo. There are currently 145 champions in the game and Yasuo hard-counters them all. He was created by Riot with being unbeatable in his design, its a part of his core identity. So every time you lose to Yasuo don't beat yourself up about it, the fact that you decided to stay in the game at all is worthy of praise. But I don't want to end this on a negative note so, let's talk about Yasuo mains. They are the worst, constantly flashing that mastery 7 emote, spamming "Git Gud" and "GG EZ" in the post game chat every time the win, etc, etc. They sit on this golden throne of high win rates and kill death ratios. But here's something to keep in mind, deep down they know the only reason they play Yasuo is for the wins. And since Yasuo is a champion that basically plays the game for you, its the only champion that they can play well. While the rest of us can learn new champions, learn new roles, and over all become better at the game, Yasuo mains are stuck. They've plateau'd. While the rest of us have full access to the entire roster of champions they're stuck with 1. Why do you think there are so many Yasuo one tricks? Because if they try to learn another champion they'll lose, and nothing is more important to a Yasuo player than their fragile ego (which is usually supported by high K/D and win rates). If you take a look at the bigger picture that golden throne they sit on is nothing but a fancy-looking crutch, supporting an ego so fragile that they refuse to learn new champions. So in the post-game lobby if a Yasuo starts flaming you for being trash, just remember, if you play more than 2 champions well, you're better than them. And all the Windwalls in the world can't take that away from you.
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