The Back and Fourth Karma Buffs/Nerfs Needs to Stop. Give Her a GU and Prioritize It.

Mark Yetter on Twitter
Patch 9.24 Changes Preview: Bigger change lists in the thread. Almost final, but a few tweaks may still happen. This is the last patch of the year, but we expect to do a balance hotfix in late december (9.24b).
The old and new Karma mains and myself are SICK and tired of back and fourth numbers buff that gets eventually nerfed. Karma's Q and Mantra Q damage was nerfed in part of her overwhelming top presence because of Klepto and Mantra W. Karma's shield duration and movement speed duration was buffed but quickly nerfed because she was hard to catch out. The ticks on Karma's W and Mantra W was nerfed because it was proccing certain keystone masteries too much. You buffed Karma's Mantra E because you wanted to prove to us that Karma could have a LCS presence, but you quickly nerfed it because the itemization and the unnecessary buff to Mantra E made her horrible to play against and boring to play as. There is so much more you, Riot Game Developers, have purposely gone out of your way to try and prove to everyone that plays as and against Karma that this kit and gameplay identity is working. It isn't. Riot, you've had nearly 7 years to address the mountain of problems that you created with Karma. From your removal of iconic art assets and fun and interesting gameplay mechanics, you created a champion with half worked art assets, no gameplay identity, and a massive division within the Karma communities. Old, new, mage, top, tank, support and other Karma mains are at each others throats and insulting one another, for wanting something completely different on a champion who has nothing. Instead of buffing Karma's basic abilities or Mantra, how about you finally tackle the problem of not having a streamlined gameplay identity and original concepts that make Karma unique? She had all of that and you removed it for the problem we have today. Stop making excuses and work on the champion if you are just going to nerf her again. (I was half expecting the AP nerf to Q and Mantra Q to be reverted on her, but you go about the same thing you continue to do: buff and nerf something on her hoping something sticks. I cannot believe you are buffing the shields again after you spent months buffing and then nerfing them.) I'm a long time player and have seen and heard every excuse in the book from multiple Developers. I'm really not trying to be rude and insensitive to these Developers. It really sucks to see your favorite champion of 7 years get completely ignored for every bit of work, to watch the same champions get work and other ones that don't deserve it over another one. DO YOUR JOB. 7 years worth of excuses had lead to almost 15+ buffs that gets immediately nerfed because Karma has art, thematic, and gameplay identity problems. This is all in part of the work YOU did on her. Stop buffing and nerfing her. Work on the problems and at least do your job and give her a Diana level rework. People are tired of the Karma mains whining but your refusal to do anything outside of a buff/nerf is the entire reason why. Nothing is being accomplished with a back and fourth buff and nerf.
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