Darius bugfixin

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Well I'm a Darius onetrick, I've onetricked him for 3 years and I've peaked as the best darius in the world and lately a bit less but still standing as the best darius in EUW. I've reached high elos, above diamond that is. And peaked challenger, and throughout my 3 years of playing this champion his E hitbox has always been bad, its been very random. Sometimes you pull someone way further than you should, and sometimes the pull barely works at all. I think updating the hitbox or tweaking it a bit would help the champion greatly so hes more consistant. His Q hitbox is also a bit off, and that could be looked into. Aside from this he has a couple bugs with his R. Starting with that its supposed to show maximum damage you can possibly deal with it, in other words at 5 stacks, with your bonus AD from your passive and AD from conqueror etc. So that needs to be fixed, and also sometimes you ult someone, and right as its about to hit they die and your ult goes on cooldown instead of just staying up. It shows for everyone else on the team that its up but for the player its on cooldown. I'd greatly appreciate if you looked more into darius as he has quite a few issues. Thanks in advance.
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