No Yuumi is not a bad champion.

Everywhere I go, I hear people saying that Yuumi is a bad champion, that she's useless, an afk bot, etc. And people are basing their current knowledge on the fact that Yuumi has a 29% win rate at the moment. And honestly speaking, I think people are wrong. A lot of champions have (If they aren't completely overpowered when released, but Riot doesn't do that as much anymore) a negative winrate. It varies between 49 - 30% (like Yuumi). The last one who had such a win rate was Taliyah with a whopping 33% wr in every role, but top. And what people refuse to understand is: If a champion gets released, you literally can't expect every player to be good with said champ. Riot releases champions with completely never seen before kits recently, which means that every champ needs to get learned from ground up. The skill that you have with your main can't get transferred to a newly released champion. And because everyone wants to pick the champ, everyone will fuck up. Its an unwritten rule. If people pick her in ranked. Well that happens, but people are stupid, yes. Here's what people need to understand about Yuumi now. Just because you don't actively run around the map, doing stuff like a regular champ does, doesn't mean that she's an afk champion. You have other ways to do your job as her. I'd say that she's just as interactive as other enchanters, if not more. I say that she's a great champion right now. Is she weak? Maybe. Is she weak because of her low base stats? Hell no. She has low base stats, BECAUSE she doesn't run around like a regular champ does. Do you expect Riot to give her regular hp + the ability to be untouchable? I've seen enough of her to know that her healing is extremely strong and that her Zoe lvl spamable Q is strong aswell. Her ult might need a little buff in terms of damage, but its purpose isn't to burst the enemy down in the first place. In conclusion: People need to give new champs some time, for the players to get used to them. Don't insta ban them (except if its ranked) in the first week. Maybe play her yourself to get to know her strengths and weaknesses Ty for reading. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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