I am tired of playing League

I am not going to put much effort into this post, I don't care about the game that much anymore. Why you ask? First off, I picked up League a while ago because I though it was a "fun" game to play, and it was for the time being, but it all just went to shit. I try to tell myself that this game is still somewhat playable and fun, but I am fed up with this game. I lost all interest in League about a week ago, reason being is because it is literally unplayable. So many things are in this game that just make it so unfun to play. One of the reasons is the obscene balance team, but I'm sure you have heard enough about that. I am a very casual player, so I do not play ranked that much. I just play to maybe have an enjoyable time. At this point I just expect to get extremely angry and tilted by the time I am done with a match. Why do I get angry and tilted. Well let me just straight up say this... I am completely sick and tired of my Top lane, Bottom lane, Mid lane, Jungle, feeding feeding feeding feeding. I am sick of getting 100-0'd at level 2 by about half the champions in the game. I am sick of not being able to do LITERALLY ANYTHING because my botlane fed the draven 7/0 in the first 3 minutes. There is no nice way to say that, I just needed to get that off my chest and show you how I feel about this horrendous excuse of a game. Maybe you have been here, you probably have been. But let me ask you this. Have you ever had a feeding botlane? 13. Games. In. A. Row. Hopefully you can see where my frustration is coming from. Getting one shot every 2 seconds by the Draven who apparently does not get detected by wards. Getting 5 man ganked in my lane every 2 minutes because the other team is a premade. Let me stop for a second on premades. These are one of the most frustrating things in the game. You literally can not touch the other team, make picks or try to assassinate some squishes. Because they. are. never. alone. They just roam around the map doing nothing but 5 man gank lanes. And for some reason they only decide to gank my fucking lane. I was talking about getting one shot by about half of the champions in the game at level 2. Let me get further into that. One champion I have had terrible experiences with is neeko. Every single time I play against her I get hit by her e (which by the way has a bugged hitbox) then her q which 100-0's me. Fucking hitboxes. So many "skillshots" in the game are not even skillshots. At this point you can literally throw a morgana q behind you and it still hits someone all the way across the map. You don't even have to aim them anymore. And something that I completely don't understand is the fucking toplane. Riot thinks it is a good idea to nerf champions that don't need nerfs and buff fucking fiora, renekton, NASUS. Do you think these champions need buffs? Fuck you riot. Go to the comments spam "git gud" "salty" "clown" "fucking baby" whatever the fuck you want. I could't give a single fuck about what this community thinks anymore. 90% of it is toxic anyway. At the moment riot cares about nothing but proplay, they never listen to their community. Why the fuck do the forms even exist anymore?!?!? It is not like they look here for ideas on how they should fix the fucking game. If anything interferes with their "master plan" they just fucking ignore it. Riot is going to do what they want, when they want, how they want, and not give a shit if the game is balanced or not. Fucking buffing vayne just becuase a skin is coming out for her. I would say "if this game is fixed i would come back to it" but we all know here that riot is not going to fix this fucking mess of a game ever. Not going to fix the fucking client. {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}}
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