"It's unfair to counter [Zed, Trundle or Fiora ult] with the click of a button." - Repertoir

{{champion:32}} {{champion:127}}{{champion:90}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:19}} But it *is* fair when it continues to counter these champions' ults, right, Riot? There's more, but when I think of "champion who really needs their ult's CC to make a teamfight impact", these are the champions I think of. Let's make one thing clear: I really do not mind that QSS is being changed so that it can no longer cleanse debuffs like Malzahar's Malefic Visions, or Trundle's Subjugate, or even Zed's Death Mark. If before these debuffs were balanced around a QSS Cleanse, it means that should open up space to make these debuffs less impactful. After all, Trundle will have no counterplay against his ult. He uses it and you're fucked and have to disengage the fight, which is rough with Trundle's powerful slow, and chasing power. I'll have faith you will adjust it. **HOWEVER**, if the reasoning is that it's not fair for these debuffs when you can erase their effect with the click of a button... then please do consider the above champions. Their ults are a high moment. In the case of Warwick and Amumu, it's almost the only high moment permitted in their plays. QSS still negates those. If you're going to say it isn't fair for Zed to have counter-play against his ult's marking, then I'm going to say it isn't fair that Warwick can be rendered completely useless with the click of a button either. Either they can both have their point-and-click ult rendered useless by QSS, or neither should. Please draw one line here.
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