6.9 Balance, Cass and Swain especially

Hey folks, Just wanted to offer a quick comment on patch 6.9's balance. So far we're very much in the midst of assessing the balance state for a range of champions, items, objectives etc. Early next week's when we'll probably have enough of an initial handle on things to start talking somewhat concretely about patch 6.10 changes, for now we're focused on gathering stats data, watching games, following player discussions and getting some in game experience ourselves. There are at least a couple of champs that are almost definitely in the wrong spot though. Cass and Swain both look substantially weak and we'll likely be hotfixing them soon (best guess - early next week). We want to avoid overbuffing though, so those changes will be on the conservative side, with the option of additional changes in patch 6.10 of course (we've overbuffed off early reactions in the past and want to avoid doing so here). We're also looking at some other champs that might be sufficiently weak or strong that they're hotfix worthy too, haven't got a clear enough picture yet on that though, particularly since in some cases item changes might be the appropriate response instead.
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