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So, after watching worlds so far, I've noticed some threads here and there mentioning how Tristana is bit overpowered when it comes to disengaging from fights, her W and R. I totally agree with this notion as I've gone against a few Tristana's and I know the frustration of trying to engage/escape from her just to have her simply press E, but that's alright, most ADC's have a tool in their kit for escaping. However, this becomes a problem when an ADC has two forms of escaping, mainly Tristana's R, which knocks back people, now I could compare her to Vayne who basically has the same mechanics, but her's feel more fair as both the tumble and knock back have a relatively short range. Tristana's range on the other hand is a pretty decent number, and with mobility creep being a thing sometimes it's hard to even think about chasing (even though you shouldn't) her down and securing the kill. Which begs the question: What changes does Riot make in order to make her feel more fair to play against? A simple question with a not so simple answer. Most people have suggested that her W not buffer CC, which we could go that route, but since her W does have a cast time, people with "crappy" internet might not appreciate this change. Sure it would feel more satisfying, but to the people with not that good of internet might not think so. Then how do we nerf her W? Well why not treat her W like Kha'zix's E? Both function the same, but there's one minor difference between the two. In order for Kha'zix to reset his E and acquire a longer range, the skill needs to be evolved, which can be done at 6, 11, or 16. I tend to evolve it at 6, making ganks a bit more easier, but we can discuss what to evolve at what level another time. This makes Kha a bit more balanced because some people might not evolved E (the hell you thinkin?) which makes his engages/escape pretty crappy. "But, Shiny Furret! Are you suggesting that Tristana get a evolve mechanic like Kha?" Hardly, mostly for the reason that she wouldn't feel unique and it wouldn't fit her theme, no I'm merely thinking we change her W, not overhaul the skill mind you, but make it to where her early game isn't so strong. Here is my purposed changes to her W At W levels 1-2, Tristana's jump has a short range and only resets the cooldown if she jumps on a target with a fully stacked bomb killing the target. At W levels 3-4, her jump range increases a bit and now Kills reset the cooldown. At W level 5, her jump has maximum range to what it is now and Assists can reset the cooldown. So basically at early levels skill mostly takes place with just the bomb resetting the cooldown if the jump + bomb combo kill the target. And once you level the skill higher the easier it is to chain jumps together. With these purposed changes, it makes whoever is playing her, decide to either go for early wave clear (leveling up E first) or go for early kill potential (level up W first). We could also do some changes to her R, punishing people for using it as a disengage rather than an execute. Maybe have it to where she gets a percentage cooldown on her Ult if she kills the target and if she doesn't the skill goes on maximum cooldown. These changes are merely speculation and perhaps might not be the changes she needs, but it's better to throw idea's out than simply offer nothing. TL;DR: Tristana is annoying to go against. Her W and R need possible nerfing. I suggest we change W to unlock resetting on Kills/Assists and maximum jump range at rank 5 and having R receive a percentage cooldown on kills rewarding players for using her ult as a killing tool rather than a disengaging tool.

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