Since Nunu's W is basically a better Sion ult on a basic ability

Can Sion have his ult and passive reworked ? - Sion ult is super easy to side-step - has yes a high base damage, but a really low AD scaling - Literally has the same effect as Nunu's W, but is a bit faster - once again, a hard engage tool that can be easily side-stepped (yes it's an ultimate skill) and about his passive, nothing new that it's utterly useless. So yeah my ideas : For his ult : change it to his current passive (talking about the movement speed buff and attack speed, without losing HP, obviously), so basically Sion "turns into" this zombie, gains some tenacity and each punch briefly knocks-up enemies, if you punch someone 3 times, it deals an amount of % magic damage (I know, I'm bad at designing things, just an idea among others) For his passive : I don't know, maybe move his W passive there
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