Demacian Vice Skins: Lucian doesn't get a glow, while Garen does... Please @Riot consider adding it!

_I bought both skins and they are **awesome**, especially Garen's with his **shiny vaporwave glow** (passive)._ _I played with both skins and I wanted to make you dear **@Riot** think about **adding a glow to Lucian's passive** (or have it by default), like Garen's that matches both of Vice's skinlines._ _I also believe from purely strategical position, when a skin of 1350RP is a contestant between a prior **legendary** and **project/futuristic** skin, small shiny glows will do the trick to **rival** its predecessors. Furthermore the **sales** of the skin will rise, with that small but beautiful addition, that has an **aura of a prestige skin**._ _Fellow Summoners, support me if you aggree, so that it might reach Riot Employees' eyes/ears._ _**Thank you for your time reading this and for your support!**_ {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} _**[Vaporwave Sadness](**_{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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