The Balance & Update Team Don't Know What They Are Doing

It's 2018 and the middle of the season. We still have overpowered champions, items, roles and things in the game that are not being addressed. These are things that should be addressed and not wait until midseason because you want to add some new, cool flashy thing to the game. 1) Graves is dominating the JG now and in almost every game. 2) Damage is still incredibly high and has yet to be addressed. 3) ADC are one shotting me with full health. 4) Mages still feel like they lack any sustainability and defensive options within their itemization, when you have champion who can heal themselves to full health with just one auto attack and negate nearly all of a mages damage with Maw. 5) We don't need another item that ADC can use to break shields. We need the problems with shields dealt with so they are not so overwhelming in the game. Shields last too long, are up too often, are too strong, aren't really very interactive, and support itemization still revolves around specific itemization that forces players to spam shields and heals. 6) Specific champions are being blatantly ignore buffs and reworks when we all know other ones are massive problems in the game right now. 7) Games are still incredibly short because of high damage and no nerfs going out. What are we doing with this game other than working on Ryze fort he 8th time? Working on Ryze. This balance and update team is going to make players wait another 8 to 12 weeks to address problems in the game everyone has been unsatisfied with for months now. The game is not fun, the game is not fair, and the game is unplayable.

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