As a Support main by heart, I am sick of being the ADC slave!

I want to support the whole team! I want everyone to be equally important to the team, so everyone needs my support! I want to play engage support, tank support, ANYTHING thats not just the ADCs BUFF BlTCH, and not feel like I am trolling my team. Why is RIOT so openly bias to keep ADCs on a power level 3 steps over everyone else? Why is EVERYTHINg that can rival ADCs importance in the game nerfed the second it comes up? Why should 4 people literally have to be second class below the ADC master Race every game? (or 3 if mid also picks ADC) Seriously, RIOT, BALANCE YOUR DAMN GAME ALREADY! EVERYONE BUT ADC MAINS TELLS YOU WHERE THE PROBLEM IS FOR A WHOLE YEAR BY NOW! Drop your damn favoritism towards ADCs and BALANCE YOU GAME!
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