The state of the mage class is unacceptable atm

They are being played IN EVERY POSITION IN WORLDS. They are DOMINATING high elo solo queue. They are strong early-mid-late game, they have the best itemization in the game, they are singlehandedly making classes like bruisers and tanks obsolete (and even adcs to a small extent). When is riot going to do something? How can a champ like syndra/vlad/ekko/neeko be allowed to stay in their current states? How can klepto/stopwatch/hourglass/voidstaff/ludens/basically whole mage itemization stay like this? This is all not even mentioning how garbage MR is as a stat, there isnt a single good MR item in the game while mages just get to blast you away with 40% total pen cheap void staff, its stupid as hell. Stop ignoring the elephant in the room riot, please atleast aknowledge the issue of mages and say you have plans to fix this, the radio silence doesnt help.

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