Yuumi is disappionting.

Her Q does as much damage as a soraka Q. Her heal is like Sonas- just more cooldown. Her Ult is just a worse Sona Ult. Impact is like zero. You need to give her her own strength Riot. Her own niche. Either make her a roaming supp - increase her W range to 3000 so she can hop on and off between lanes (and give that a long range a good cooldown) (her book is magical after all) It would look like this: Give her a New Passive: "Empowered Bookportal" : Yuumis W Ranges increases to 3000; Cooldown: 90 S. and attach her original passive to her E: New Passive: When yumi auto attacks she gains a shield. ______________________________________ OR Make her a Poke-Support with good Q damage OR give her Ult some better mechanics. If she hits enemys with her Ult 3 times they get rooted PLUS receive a debuff. If an ally attacks them they are stunned for X seconds. It would be enough if its just 0.5 sec stun. AND increase the Q slow like lulus q slow. Thanks you, a support Main that was so hyped about yuumi (because I main Abbathur in HotS) and is really sad now. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} PS: Here is how abbathur works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SIGFI0PLF8
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