Since Dynamic Queue exists, I actually can't play with my friends anymore.

So I have some friends at university who play League and the individual skill greatly differs between us. 4 guys are somewhere between high Diamond and high Plat, 2 used to be mid Bronze and me and another guy are high Silver (actually I'm unranked atm, but I used to be). Last season, whenever we wanted to play together, we just jumped into **5v5 Ranked** and tried fun stuff. We didn't have much to lose in Ranked, I mean it was Ranked Teams, it was a **separate, fun ladder that didn't ruin your solo rating** but actually gave you SOME motivation to play well, not like Normals where it doesn't matter at all if you win or lose. I suggested playing Normals once, but none of them like Normals because there's just no reason to play at all. Now my Diamond friends all made some smurfs and keep going into Rankeds as a 3 or 4 man premade with the rest. For them it's only a smurf account, for the others it's a free elo boost.** One of the Bronze guys is Gold 2 now** (where he doesn't belong at all) and keeps bragging about it. My friends keep having fun in **the only "team" mode that still has any incentive to at least try to win**: Ranked Dynamic Queue. I really really loved the 5v5 Ranked mode. Now there are three choices for me: - Play alone. - Try and convince my friends to play boring Normals where there's no reason to try to win. - Play Ranked with my Diamond friends and get my solo ranking boosted to high Gold / low Plat where I don't belong. If you really think about any of these three possibilities, you'll see that all three are the **exact opposite** of what Riot intended, which is **"shaping a competitive environment for us to play with our friends in Ranked".** Thank you, Riot, for preventing me from playing with my friends.

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