Why Do Simple Gameplay Concepts Seem Completely Lost On People?

I thought that as I climbed up out of bronze, then out of silver, into gold, and finally into high gold/low plat where I am now, I would see an increase in game knowledge. It only makes sense right? Higher elo players have played the game longer, they've climbed up higher than me, earlier than me. Some are better mechanically than I will ever be. So why is it some of the basic, fundamental concepts are lost completely on players even reaching up into the diamond elo? Vision control is ignored completely. people dive for objectives blind. My junglers are face-checking the enemy blue-buff without so much as a scuttle or blue trinket. When I jungle my laners demand an objective be taken despite no vision control and the enemy jungler being MIA, spamming me with question mark pings as I try to drop wards before hand. They'll try to flank a lone enemy through the enemy's territory with no wards down and get furious at their team when they get blown up by the rest of the enemy team that were moving to assist. Most marksmen don't both helping their supports contest wards, put pinks down, or even use their free yellow trinkets. It's not uncommon to see a match end where the marksmen and both solo laners don't even have 20 ward score. These are usually the same people that are permanently pushing and can't seem to avoid a gank, for obvious reasons. It's depressing to look at the stats by the end of the game and see me over 100 ward score for a long game and the rest of my team not even hitting 40 apiece. Or how about team composition. Enemy team locks in Master Yi and Vayne and yet my team will proceed to lock in carries with no CC across the board, then wonder why we can't lock those two down long enough to kill them come late game. Is that a Rammus Jg and a malphite top for the enemy teams first two log-ins? Better believe you're going to get a mid zed or talon with the rest of your team hard-locking in AD damage. Teams without wave clear, teams without hard engage, teams without CC, teams without AP damage, teams without scaling or objective control. Nearly every single game I play the team is missing one or more of these crucial roles and I cant fill them all at once. Wave management? Another complete abstract concept to most. Freezing, shoving, pushing, none of it seems to matter. They'll rotate and try to prep for an objective with minions at our inhibs and no map pressure to speak of. They'll continue to hard shove their wave when they are ahead instead of freezing the wave to starve enemy laners of farm, even if they aren't able to actually pressure the turret for plates. If they are behind, instead of last hitting to keep the safety of the turret, they'll hard push and open themselves up to die yet again and lose farm. They wont slow push waves to get them to stack when sieging and don't respond to an enemy baron take by shoving waves while the enemy team backs. Itemization? You must be joking. The enemy team could have a Soraka, Warwick, Vladimir, and Mundo all wrapped up together and they still won't build grevious wounds. That Rammus + Malphite combo from earlier? They'll build Black Cleaver because it's over powered but they certainly wont build any other form of armor pen. The amount of end-game lobbies I've seen where a mid-lane AP assassin has popped off and the only person with MR on the team is the support with merc boots is downright maddening. Tank itemization is garbage right now, sure, but if the enemy AP threat is instakilling you, there's no reason to not atleast give yourself a chance with a maw or something. I don't get it. As strange is it might sound, seeing someone miss a skillshot or misposition doesn't bother me. Everything from lag to an honest mistake can cause those and they are usually a sign of poor reflexes or tilt. I get it. It doesn't matter how many BoxBox videos you watch, you're not going to be able to land that combo with riven until you've actually practiced it. The game knowledge is inexcusable. It's one thing to miss a skillshot. It's another thing to miss an entire game concept despite having all the information you need to know built-in to the client. People watch Esports and immediately pick up whatever champ this weeks fan-favorite player is playing. If people are watching the pros and trying to copy, why don't they copy the team-work and macro play instead of just the champions or builds? I'm not a mechanically gifted player. I'm not going to be able to pull off those clutch 1v3's, but you can bet that I understand the importance of my macro play. I don't know how to fix it. Try bringing any of these up in your solo que matches. Go ahead. See how it works out for you. Tried asking our Mundo jg a little while ago to help me ward the dragon pit. Got called the N-word with a hard R. Granted, his account is almost certainly banned, but that is the reaction people have to gentle advice and polite requests. It is infuriating. Every game I play is being hard won or lost on macro play and teamwork. I don't know what I would have to do to get my teams to just think about the things listed above for mere moments.

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