First match of the season ends with horrendous matchmaking

I get paired with a jungler who afk farms and lets the opponent jungler rule the map as she sees fit. My top laner Nasus goes 0/4 in lane and has only 300 stacks by the end of 45 minutes. The jungler and top laner constantly walk into the opponent's jungle to feed kills and do nothing else for the rest of the match. They don't defend the nexus, don't try to contest the baron and instead leave it to the mid and two bot laners to try and steal it by themselves, and the Nasus being the only tanky frontliner afk farms all game long never to get over 300 stacks. Not to mention he runs from Zed while having an Iceborn Gauntlet and bramble vest on himself instead of defending turrets. And the result of it all? I get placed in Iron II despite my stellar performance in the game where I tried every bit to carry the match and had not just an amazing KDA but also roamed and ganked the hell out of lanes while also rendering my own laner useless. This is not a rant post but a reflection of what this game has become. I tried my hard to carry, I really did. I even typed it out in chat over and again and begged for the jungler and top help us out but they didn't budge. My bot tried hard but as it stands a bot laner can walk out of lane 8/0 and still die in two hits. Sadly we weren't able to win the game and were held hostage because the other two wouldn't surrender either. I only played this season to give LoL another chance but looks like I am leaving LoL behind with season 9 being my last. Season 10 is only going to be an amalgamation of everything which was wrong with season 9.
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