I don't like how Sion's "theoretical" power budget is largely wasted.

His Ultimate and Q, and sometimes W. These are abilities where you will largely not be getting the full benefit of these abilities, because the implied threat of these abilities itself is what they're all about. That's fine and dandy, but if im playing a champion whos only purpose is to be threatening without actually causing threat, then I think that champions a failure in design. ESPECIALLY when its super easy to avoid him. Can we give sion SOME reliable power so he's not stuck not doing anything because its super easy to avoid and disarm either in lane or from the jungle? Thanks. In case you need some idea's from brain-storming: 1). Give Sion's Q the ability to rotate the cone while he's casting it so it's more threatening. 2). Give Sion's Ultimate a better steering wheel. You've seen the videos of hillarity. I think you guys at riot have had your fun. Now make it useable against opponents who are not oblivious. 3). Give Sion's W passive more HP for champion kills. 8 Seems very low. 4). Give Sions E Armor Debuff (not slow) a longer duration. A bit too low right now.
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