Know what? Think Iv'e had enough for this season

Since Riot is so fast to push dumb shit on us, and so slow to fix the dumb shit, i think iv'e had enough for this season. It's ridiculous that i have to wait till "pre-season" or NEXT season, AKA, till the fucking LCS is over. BTW, kudos to all the "White Knights" on the boards who would just say " It's just pre-season, it'll change, stop bitching, things are unbalanced every pre-season". WHY? Why does it HAVE to be unbalanced? WHY? Explain that to me. What kind of thinking is that? News flash.. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. But your dumb asses encourage it... Pro play should not be the deciding factor in balance in this damn game. Look what it's become. Even the damn pros don't like this shit. Top streamers quit, youtube creators refuse to play the game anymore simply because it's not fun, and they don't enjoy making League related content anymore, since it forces them to play this shitfest. Your LCS views are down quite a bit, and chat is filled with nothing but meme copy pasta about champs like Zoe existing. I no longer dedicate any of my time to watching the LCS. It's boring as hell watching people run around till they cc someone and blow them up in half a second. WOW what an outplay! Truly amazing feat there. I used to order pizza, buy beers and have buddies over to cheer on for our teams. That stopped a long time ago... Know what i liked about old league? Strategy. Outplaying people. Objectives. Countering people with runes and builds. What got my heart racing in the laning phase? When 2 outplay champions are being played, and we are all over the lane in a fight of muscle reflexes and mechanics. And who ever didn't fuck up would win the trade. But you know what made that better? Is the fact that the person could come back to lane, and still have a chance to outplay me. The fight would go back and forth. You didn't just get 1 kill, or push them out of lane for 20 seconds, and completely own the lane from there on. Not to mention it took way more than just one trade, to force someone out of lane. You had to chunk em down over multiple trades, and then go for the all in. Now? Psh... 1 trade, and it's over. Laning phase is too damn short because Riot refuses to address TURRETS. Turrets going down in 4-5 minutes. What a damn joke dude... Half the time mid lane you can't even get a kill in the amount of time that it takes bot to destroy a turret. If your bot lane dies once, they lose turret, and here comes bot lane to take my turret with ease, because psh, 3 autos is enough to send you out of your lane. Or the reverse. Our bot lane wins? Here comes bot lane to push the turret in a few seconds, what iv'e been trying to get for multiple bases and trades... Buffing tanks will not fix this shitfest. Tiny little dinks in the amount of damage that some specific runes and builds do, will not fix the game. The problem, the core problem, is the fact that Runes and Items have the worse balance that they have ever had, just because it's "new and fresh". No Riot games... Your tiny dinks spread out months in between every little dink, will not fix your game. So since we always have to wait till "pre-season", or "next season", i guess i am done till then. Because clearly nothing smart is going to be done anytime soon. I can't even bring myself to do normals or ARAMs anymore, let alone ranked. Not when my rank is decided by a TERRIBLE winrate system, that forces you to hover at 50%, intentionally giving you terrible situations that 9 times out of 10, you will lose, just to hover that win %. Heaven forbid if your actual skill shines, and shows what you can do. Nope, we need you to stay at this win % because well, who the fuck knows at this point. Combine this system, with the current state of the game, and it's just not fun or enjoyable. People are so incredibly toxic, and it has only gotten worse this entire season. See yall when next season hits IG. Maybe they will restore skill in the game, but unlikely...
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