Manamune is in desperate need of buffs

I tried out ADC kog after his recent hot fix and it wasn't too bad. I figured since he is an on hit attack speed beast come late game, what better item than to get manamune which does tons of on hit damage when it reaches muramana. the AD it gives in the meantime is an absolute joke, but i figured it would be worth the scaling? well, not only does it not scale well damage wise until it hits muramana, it takes FOREVER to get to that point. i rushed this item and at 22 minutes only had 600 stacks out 750 stacks in a romp of a game. And yes I spent a lot of time farming despite our romp. This item should feel super rewarding for the huge risk you take buying it early and saying "Im going to scale". the other ap scaling items in the game are top tier when they are completed. Seraphs Embrace gives around 140 ap with its 1000 mana and a nice shield active. Rod of Ages gives 500 health, 120 ap, and 800 mana when fully stacked. Muramana has a pretty awesome on hit effect, but gives a low amount of AD even when completed and fully stacked. It also can't stack faster than 4 mana at a time, unlike archangels which does 8 mana per ability. Muramana should probably stack at 8 mana per auto/ability when u get it as well. If it stacked faster and had even a slightly higher AD ratio per % of mana it would be very viable for scaling champs like the new Kog Maw. SIDE NOTES: Another issue I found is there is a distinct lack of on hit effect items that are related to AD users in general. You basically have rageblade fully stacked, muramana when fully stacked, bork, and thats it. nashors, wit's end, trinity, etc. all don't apply to people who want to abuse on hit because they are either ap focused or only next auto on hit so it doesnt really help people who want to use it. Kog Maw is built to be this on hit effect machine gun monster but how? besides bork what is a strong item? nothing really. I feel like the idea of Kog Maw in the rework is actually fun in that he could feel like THE late game hyper carry. but there just aren't any items out there for poor koggy and the ones that are currently suck.

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