I need your help please read this

{{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}}Ornn {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:516}} Ornn is a champ I really like to play and keep in my back pocket when playing ranked. I'm sure we're all familiar with his passive and his ability to craft items outside the store, which is the one thing people find most annoying about him. But the thing I find the most annoying is when you try to upgrade a certain item for an ally but the game automatically picks a random one. Is it to much to ask Riot to add in some small option when upgrading allies items so I can stop being flamed when their{{item:3386}} gets upgraded instead of their {{item:3374}} It would honestly make the world of a difference in games as well.

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