Where did Swain go? The only champion we are not talking about right now.

I haven't seen Swain in any of my match ever since his bottom lane Meta. What happened to him? Ever since the upsurge of ridiculous champions (Akali, Aatrox, Irelia) Swain hasn't been played in any of my games. I felt that Swain really got the backhand of Riot Balance team which would explain why no1 even thinks of him. His identity was suppose to be of a Battlemage, but his Damage got nerfed, his ratio got nerfed, his durability got nerfed, he lost so much. Battlemages are the equivalent of Juggernaut and bruisers, except they are squishier but do way more sustained damage. Their survivability comes from Spellvamp, Shields. The old swain was strong way stronger than this current one, this one got nerfed beyond recognition.
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