Looking for 5 man team that's wanting to climb, but not pushing the limit to go mlg.

confidentiaI - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
confidentiaI / Gold 3 76LP / 324W 305L Win Ratio 52% / Varus - 69W 57L Win Ratio 55%, Jhin - 56W 41L Win Ratio 58%, Jinx - 46W 25L Win Ratio 65%, Vayne - 27W 26L Win Ratio 51%, Vladimir - 13W 28L Win Ratio 32%
been playing since season 1 > ~~_**acquired triumphant ryze**_~~ adc -jhin -varus -jinx -kog -pantheon/j4 botlane for lulz/apteam -add me in geme

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