How to keep support items away from the other roles(along with other benefits).

{{item:3069}} {{item:3401}}{{item:3092}} ^Nothing that isn't a support will ever want to build to these period. Supports want to build these ASAP, or at the very least the items leading to it. This makes these items a strong gate baring the cost efficient support items from non supports without effecting the champions they are intended for. Such a change would have prevented {{item:3190}} being abused by cho'gath and Zac. I wasn't around for the Ardent meta but I imagine such a change would have prevented abuses by Oriana and Lux mid if they did. Beyond making these select few items way less savory to other roles, this also would allow riot to more safely add items to this item pool. This would allow them to change the existing items to better suit supports not needing to compromise concerns of abuse by others. Even putting no credence in the previous two sentences, at the very least sectioning off these purposeful items to their intended purpose could only be a benefit to the game. Any argument* to that point otherwise?
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