Removal of Raptor Cloak and consequences

Hello there Riot Games and anyone else reading. I am, in general, very happy with the changes you guys have made throughout the reveal of the preseason. That said, there is something i would like to touch on and maybe discuss it or at least raise my voice, on why i think it is a bad decision. Raptor Cloak. I understand why it would technically make sense to remove it, since it builds into nothing due to the removal of Ohmwrecker and Zz'Rot Portal. So let's talk about those two first. **Ohmwrecker** was described as an underwhelming item by the devs as an argument to have it removed from the game. Now I don't necessarily want to argue with that, since it is not a core item on any champion, but building it when ahead on certain champions makes perfect sense and feels extremely empowering, since you can break the barrier (being the turret) that is in between a successful dive and a failure without risk. **Zz'Rot Portal** is an item, that promotes little to no champion interaction if used in the way it usually is. Or at least this is the reason it is being removed. What happened to diversity in games? Where did the 'win whichever way is fit for your playstyle' go? I understand that teamfighting is more entertaining to watch for outsiders, e.g. on broadcasts, but i don't even really remember seeing it in competitive ever since 60+ minute games were the norm. So is it really all that hurtful to have it stay in the game? Besides, i think i can speak for a lot of people when I say that there is someone who makes excellent use of this item and he is extremely fun to watch. He goes by *Trick2G*. Now, to the reason I am even making this post. **Raptor Cloak**. I am a **Darius** player, and as many of us will probably tell you, **Darius** makes excellent use of **Raptor Cloak**, as it is very cheap armor and HP/5. The movement speed you get under tower makes it less painful to lane vs ranged champs, because they can't just sit and poke you all game but instead need to watch out for an engage from under tower. The armor and the regen help with sustaining poke as well, and it would be a shame to see this item go, as **Shojin** is soon being removed too and top lane will turn into ranged mage vs ranged mage, with the occasional **Gnar** and **Jayce** in between. I don't play these champions much but it also would make sense to build **Cloak** on champions like **Singed**, **Volibear**, and of course **Udyr** (I'm sure there are more that I am just not thinking of right now). I don't think it would be too much of a bad idea to leave the 900g item in the game as it is, even if it's two finished items are removed, since it provides utility and is not bad to hold on to even into later stages of the game. If there is any chance this could at least be brought up in a meeting, I would already be satisfied. Please take every playstyle into consideration before removing items from the game, it hurts to have your options cut as a result of other people not utilizing them. Thanks for reading and have a nice day, ***Scarfang*** {{sticker:darius-angry}} **Edit**: To the people that vote for 'Remove all', please leave a comment and explain your point of view, I would like to hear some arguments against mine. Thanks!
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