Nasus is way too strong in low elo and way too weak in high elo

Nas is probably one of the most brain dead champs in the game. In lower elo, people don't know how to counter him and even if some people do understand how to counter him, it only takes one person (and a bunch of minions) to feed nas. This makes him an extremely tough champion to go against in lower elo and makes it seem like he is incredibly broken, he has one of, if not the best slow in the game, extremely tanky, lots of sustain, and still one-shots everybody on the team. I wouldnt blame someone in low elo for calling nasus broken. However in higher elo, Nasus becomes pretty damn weak, people know how to counter him and he almost completely unviable. I think its pretty unhealthy for a champion to be viable in one elo but not the other. nasus really needs a rework. yes i am bronze and i am salty because a nas 1v9 for his team.

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