can riot please crack down on the toxicity of this game

i genuinly love playing league its one of my favorite games thats why i play it for so long. but the community over the years has gotten so toxic. i literally just got out of a normal game where i went 6/5 on {{champion:122}} and literally was getting hard flammed by the enemy team. i reported them but theyre not going to get banned because they didnt say any bad words. thats why riots algorithm for banning people sucks. all it looks for is offensive and racist language. ik you can just mute people but like why should people be able to get away with ruining your game experince by flaming and just being absolutly toxic in a normal game. they sit there and say stuff like "jeez youre so bad go back to bots" or "haha we win the game gg go next ez :)". its stuff like this that i wish riot would crack down on. its just incredibly annoying and immature. i feel like everyone would have a much better experince in the game if everyone was just a little nicer, obviously the community isnt gonna change for no reason so riot needs to change what can get people chat restricted. please rito
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