Whelp... Tracker's Knife and Skirmisher's Sabre are gone on the PBE.

{{item:3706}}, {{item:3711}}, and {{item:3715}} are all gone on the PBE right now, and have been replaced by a new item, called '[Pathfinder's Knife](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/170534210577235969/410546837272002560/unknown.png)' that gives you the updated smite of {{item:3706}}, as well as a placeable control ward that refills when you return to base or steal an enemy jungle camp. I get {{item:3715}} dominates solo queue and {{item:3711}} dominates pro play, but is the solution really just 'remove all choices that the smite upgrades were introduced to the game to give in the first place? (RIP Poacher's Knife and Ranger's Trailblazer btw.) I'm not sure if 'Force everyone into a Stalker's Blade with a Control Ward' is a good idea at all, so this change worries me more than anything.
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