I'm done of Lucian being either hot garbage or broken depending on the meta

Can you finally give him some decent amount of work? since 2014 you've done nothing but: -gut his range -buff his damage ITS TIME TO STOP he became the most feast or famin champion in this ridiculous game, without any form of useful CC or utility his kit is full of damage and mobility. if he gets ahead, and the meta is a meta where long ranged adcs like {{champion:51}} {{champion:22}} are trash, you might go afk because it's over. I just watched my match history and I've been able to play him ONCE since 20 games, he's either permabanned or instantly first picked by the enemy team. It's been since forever that Lucian was never balanced, he either becomes the most broken champion in the game or he's just a troll pick with 40% win rate. please work on him
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