Why does vayne buy 4 attack speed items and still kill squishies with 3 autos?

???????? why does her fucking ult give her 70 AD? shes not draven stacking ad or armor pen. why the fuck is she allowed to shred tanks and tumble onto squishies for 1200 damage crits? this thread from almost a year ago http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/9N0h9YOw-they-should-just-remove-the-ad-steroid-from-vaynes-ultimate-because-its-just-way-too-oppressive this is what i stand for. remove the bullshit ad from her ult. or remove the true damage. or the stealth. remove something. and buff her early game. holy god this champion is annoying. before you complain about "her winrate". she has over 50% winrate. and she has 20% playrate. for being the hardest adc in the game to play. thats just not right. that winrate shouldn't be 50%. for a high skill cap shitty early game champion that exists in an early game meta. she should be nowhere near 50% winrate. especially with 20% playrate. but what do i know. can she have a CHOICE between busting tanks or assassinating squishies. because riight now she assassinating everyone.
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