What the balls is going on with Tahm Kench?!

Somebody take pity on this estranged veteran. I took a long break from League, I'm about to play tonight with some friends who play daily, and I don't want to embarrass myself. Usually Tahm Kench is my go-to. But I just saw the patch notes. I am **floored.** Did we unlock some secret power or playstyle that forced a rework of his W? Why would the Devs make enemy Devour so much more powerful than friendly Devour? This is the opposite of their past balance approach, but there must be a reason for something this drastic. Does Tahm have new interactions with items, or runes, or whatever? What does he build, how does he lane, how does he teamfight? Any context at all would be great. I can't make **any** sense of this.

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