RIP Soraka; you've been Cinderhulk'd

>Sejuani extremely strong with Cinderhulk >Sejuani nerfed hard >Cinderhulk nerfed months later >Sejuani double-punched, left crippled for months, received small buffs recently but only barely viable Months later... >Soraka extremely strong with Grievous Wounds changes >Soraka nerfed >Soraka nerfed again >Soraka nerfed again >Soraka nerfed again >Grievous Wounds reverted back to 40% of total healing **and** Soraka nerfed again Guys, come on. it's like you're building a house without a foundation. No matter how many bricks you put down (nerfs), the house is still unstable. You reach the second floor and say "screw it, it's not working, let's throw the foundation in here" (changing Cinderhulk/Grievous Wounds) but you don't realise that you've just made the house even weaker (champions too weak) and you should have just torn the bricks down and started properly (reverted some nerfs and just changed the item). The Grievous Wounds change is a direct nerf to Soraka and nobody else. It may indirectly have an effect on Sona/Taric etc. but their kits offer so much more than just healing. Soraka is (nearly) entirely healing and you've just reduced (nearly) everything that she can do by 40% (and nerfed her on top of that once more, just for good measure!) Soraka was too strong. Grievous Wounds should never have been changed to a self-healing debuff. It should always have affected all types of healing. But this is far too much.
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