Worlds just isn't doing it this year...

The average amount of viewers seems to be dropping based on what I'm seeing so far, games are usually hard stomps or are decided by whichever team left Kai'sa open (I think at this point she almost has a 100% pick/ban ratio), tanks are being replaced by even mages and ADCs in the top lane, we only ever see hook supports or Rakan, and mid lane is just a mage fest. Also Jesus Christ, Pantheon? He nearly has a 100% ban rate so far lmao. Oh, and icing on the cake, everyone dies in mere seconds at best, and the most hype play would be watching Kai'sa launch her long-ass skillshot at baron to steal it. But hey, we saw Ziggs once, so I'd say that's definitely a plus. ------------------------------------------ For me personally, I didn't enjoy a single match. So far it's almost been on par with how bad Ardent Worlds was, and how much of a clusterfuck Juggernaut Worlds was. It's not fun watching what's usually 1-10 broken champions being abused to win. Their bullcrap isn't enjoyable as a spectator, or at least one that also plays the game and understands what's going on. It's not just broken champions either, players are just trying their best to avoid fights thanks to damage meta, and again, as a spectator, that's not enjoyable to watch. Now, full balls-to-the-wall isn't fun to watch either as that usually means the meta is quite devoid of complex strategy, however, I'd much rather watch that instead of 10 players who supposed to be the best of the best avoiding in each other in a game that's supposed to have at least SOME high octane situations. So, for me, it's most definitely not cutting it. My personal opinion probably doesn't hold much value in this day and age, just thought I'd get it out there. --------------------------------------- Honestly, I hope Riot acts on all of this after Worlds, because the matches so far are just exposing each and every reason as to why this game isn't fun for each role respectively and as a whole. They need to tone down damage, fix the runes, remove elements from overloaded champions, fix item stats to be less homogenous and overbearing, fix the mage class, fix the assassin class, fix the tank class, fix the jungle.... Like seriously, they have a LOT to do, and if they refuse to act on it I'm genuinely concerned about League in the near future, as the only reason it really saw a resurgence in popularity was because of K/DA, and now that that has passed...I don't know what they're going to do. Maybe their new fighting game will help introduce more players to the game? Still, they should probably fix the game... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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