is zyra broken?

what's actually the counter play. And no, don't only give specific champs that just so happen to have an easier time with her. Like what. Give what is actually a counter play against zyra. It doesn't matter what comp the team has as soon as she steps into the lane you respect her or you die. One root = 3/4's of your health gone, and attempting to take out the plants themselves will just make you lose 1/4th of your health. The roots she has have such good range and hitboxes that you could just probably just randomly throw it and it'd still hit. Accompanied with all of this her ult does big damage and has a knockup so if you get hit by that then good luck. What is the counterplay to her? Because right now after all the Zyra games I've had to deal with I've just been perma banning her to not deal with her bullshit.
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