Nerf Press the Attack and Kleptomancy for Ranged Champions

This is particularly an issue in toplane Both runes are insanely broken on ranged laners. Especially poke mages like Viktor or Kennen top - both of which are complete tumors and have been for at least a year. Both of them take kleptomancy. Meanwhile press the attack can be used to hard punish all melees for what like, walking up and trying to cs at any point in the lane lol. The alternative is either: getting klepto'd into 2020 or being subjected to a constantly-up poke enhancer that has high base damage and decent scaling for reference, here are PTA's stats: 40 bonus damage at lvl 1 upon obtaining 3 PTA stacks. That is the highest base damage of any rune in the entire game. Each stack applies for 4 seconds. So you can literally apply a stack, kite back, apply another stack, kite back again, and apply the 3rd stack with the bonus damage within a 12 second window like lmao. Imagine being a melee toplaner and not being able to touch the lane for up to 12 seconds because some ranged douche is constantly applying PTA stacks on you. Either that or they stack infinite klepto gold because it applies on 2 autos instead of 1 for some reason hard nerf both please
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