Can you stop giving late game champions so much safety and ease in the early game??

Like tell me what is the fucking point of picking an early game champion like Pantheon, Kled, Renekton or Lucian, when I can just pick someone like Jax, Nasus, Fiora or Vayne, still be just as strong as them in the laning phase and still outscale them later on. Nasus comes online after level 6 with the fucking bullshit 50%CDR Q mechanic bullshit. Let's give Nasus free 12% lifesteal so he can outtrade your champion from level 1 and heal up everything. Fiora just pokes your vitals over and over again because let's make her most spammable ability 20 mana at rank 1 so she doesn't face mana problems. In other games, late game champions need to struggle through the lane phase and mid game to build up their items to become strong in the late game, but not in League of Legends. In League of Legends, late game champions are just as strong as early game champions. Lower Nasus lifesteal but make it ramp up a lot at level 13. Lower Nasus lifesteal to 0%/8%/26%. Increase Fiora Q mana costs at lower ranks but decrease it at higher ranks to 60/50/40/30/20 mana. Lower Fiora Q CD refund at lower ranks to 30/35/40/50/60%. Vayne needs her Q CD refund on ultimate removed. Make Vayne W an active, her next three basic attacks apply Silver Bolts. Hitting three stacks on Silver Bolts on the same target will deal bonus True Damage. 1.5s Cooldown.
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