Possibility of Arcade in LoL.

LoL has released plenty of game modes over the years. While some of them were not really popular, others were extremely popular and well liked. With the release of TFT I think Riot can finally see that the game modes they make can be highly popular and profitable. This is the list of all game modes that can be added into the arcade: _ I just copy pasted the list from LoL wiki so there are other game modes (mainly variations, like 10 different variations of Urf we have had over the years):_ 1. Ascension 2. Black Market Brawlers 3. Dark Star: Singularity 4. Definitely Not Dominion 5. Doom Bots 6. Hexakill 7. Hunt of the Blood Moon 8. Invasion 9. Legend of the Poro King 10. Nemesis Draft 11. Nexus Blitz 12. Nexus Siege 13. Odyssey: Extraction 14. One for All 15. Project: OVERCHARGE 16. Snowdown Showdown 17. Ultra Rapid Fire And finally we have Teamfight Tactics ready to join LoL as the 18th game mode on this list. Releasing Arcade would allow players to choose any of these game modes to play. Just imagine how many players would love to have these available to stop the burnout after grinding the ranked queues. You do not even need to work on any these or support them, they are all extremely well done and completed, and nobody cares about the balance in this kind of game mode. There is so much content you have locked away from the players and I am sad it is like that Riot, especially since game modes are the thing that gives birth to new games (like newly rising auto-chess genre). Imagine if we had an Arcade like Dota 2 and ability to create our own mods. Imagine players combining Urf with One for All to create URF for ALL, or many other fun game modes. It would surely prove useful to release Arcade for long-term health and growth of LoL. Having only 3 different maps is getting bland and boring, even more so for older players like myself, when other games offer dozens of maps. Look at HOTS for example, you never see them complain how a single map gets boring because they have plenty of maps that are constantly switching out. Now finally I just wanted to add that you can also release things such as Butchers Bridge ARAM map, Bloodmoon Summoners Rift and Snowy Summoners Rift as separate maps that can generate profit. They do not even need to be a game mode, just a fun little add on to the regular boring map that will passively generate profit over the year. I would even be up for having the ability to buy these game modes to be available for me over the entire year. **To finish off, thank you for reading this far and I hope Riot gives us Arcade instead of Rotating Game Modes which clearly do not work. There is great potential in releasing the Arcade and I hope Riot sees it.**
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