CertaintlyT Champion frustration stems from their kits breaking fundamental game principles.

Through his attempt to bring something 'new' and 'unseen' to the game, he breaks fundamental game principles. I'm not here to attack him, just to elucidate as to why people have so many issues with his champion designs. For instance, {{champion:142}}. You might think, yeah, she picks up Summoner Spells whilst having low cost waveclear and can invariably one shot people with only a {{item:3285}} - but that's not all. Her Summoner Spells are inherently **stronger** than yours. The addition of bonus damage and movement speed on her use of Summoner Spells invariably makes something that's supposed to be relatively even across champions skew towards her. Anytime you use a Summoner Spell - she punishes you for it. Something that is supposed to benefit **only** you becomes something that benefits her greater. I play a lot of Zoe, but she breaks the fundamental equality of Summoner Spell balance across the Champion Pool and really demonstrates how game designs have progressed - Short cooldowns, Good waveclear, Good roaming, Decent dueling (with respect to other mages) and far too many high '**highs**' for how accessible they are. And no, punishing her R isn't that easy unless you're playing {{champion:99}} or {{champion:164}}. TL;DR on Zoe: Her Summoner Spells are stronger than yours - Using your own Summoner Spells make her stronger. Doesn't really have punishable mana costs. Another one, {{champion:157}}. Yeah, I dislike his windwall, but that's not inherently what I dislike about him. If you're playing against him, you sure as hell can't sit with your wave (unless you're a strong melee/duelist) because he'll use them against you. The whole major point of counterplay to Yasuo (at least, in lane) is jungle pressure. You don't have agency yourself to really fight him, because he has enough tools (including your **own** wave, something that's been established to supposedly protect you --- although the occasional minion block is a hell of a way of showing it.) to out-micro your simpler/telegraphed Champion Mechanics. He doesn't have resource costs, can itemise lifesteal effectively, and doesn't receive CDR in the conventional sense - and so, has basically 100% uptime. His accessibility to farm, push the wave, duel and sustain with almost no downtime (particularly once he gets a tiny bit of attack speed) is unrivaled. I'm not saying he's impossible to deal with, but his kit doesn't seem to really be restricted in the conventional sense of other champions - and this is even being reflected in newer designs of skirmishers/bruisers/divers. Compare {{champion:164}}'s (she's not a CT champion, but reflective of league's shifting design as a whole) mana costs to {{champion:62}} or {{champion:56}} - they're incredibly small and she seems to get a whole lot of bonus stats - Attack Speed, True Damage, Bonus Magic Damage just for using her skills successfully - which seems like an odd bonus reward considering proper skill usage should be considered the norm, not the exception, but I digress. TL;DR on Yasuo: Not restricted by normal means (CDs, Mana, etc.). Turns your own minion-wave against you. Additionally, I think this concept of 'high highs' and 'low lows' is unhealthy for the game. What quantifies a 'high high'? One shotting someone? One comboing them? One shotting a team? Deleting their carries? Tanking 5 people focusing you for an incredibly long time? And what limits a 'high high'? This seemingly new-found principle of injecting and designing champion around their 'perfect moment' seems kind of misguided and I feel has led to this overall power and design creep that makes league currently feel less strategic and more dysfunctional. If Zoe's 'high high' is designed around spamming Summoner Spells in a teamfight, should she have all that power in lane, roaming or one combo-potential?
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