Olafs Ult...meh

Ive done okay with him sometimes, sometimes high kill count, and carrying the team. Sometimes getting smashed. Here is what bothers me about him. His ult is not that great. Here is why: With the amount of mobility there is the game, not being able to be CCed doesn't help for shit when so many champions just hop skip dash blink and dance away. And because of that 6 seconds is enough time to maybe make it to the carry right before your ult wears off. And his passive resistances from his R are nice, but his healing, which increases as he misses health along with his attack speed, seems a little outdated now that the damage is so high and so fast. Sometimes you can do crazy healing and 1v2 people with nearly no health, but often later on...not the case. I think he is one of those champions that gets the shaft when it comes to his kit because of his lifesteal...which maybe was great years ago, but now it really just is not enough to make up for having no mobility of his own, no shields, dives or dashes or any hard CC. Compared to Jax, well jax gets resistances that scale off his AD items...and he doesnt need to be low on health to gain attack speed. And despite not having the same healing, his dueling seems better due to being able to stop incoming damage and then deliver one of the longest feeling stuns in the game. Plus he has more mobility with his annoying jump..PLUS Trinity force works very well on him giving him more mobility due to the bonus movement speed. Am I wrong here? I feel like Olafs kit is lacking or...somehow behind given the current state of the game.
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