Can we talk about Akali

I didnt think she was too much of a problem until yesterday I played a game against her and the fact that her Twilight shroud is available so quickly makes her an unbelievable champion to deal with. There is not counter play to her Twilight shroud as you either have to sit there and take her damage or walk away and that is the frustrating part. Either way it is a big problem at least in my opinion and I thought abilities were supposed to have counterplay or weaknesses, but honestly there is never a bad time to use this ability and if it is off cooldown she can use it in any situation. to attack, run away, or poke you down. Either the CD for this ability needs to be increased or the duration needs to be tuned down. Another thing is the amount of time she is visible after an attack, she should probably be visible longer if she is willing to make a move in this shroud. I think these are all fair ways of making this ability much more balanced as I am not trying to gut the character, but there is not another champion that gets away with this kind of stealth and attack with the sustain she has. Walking away or sitting there and taking damage is not viable counter play and I think everyone can agree with that. What are your thoughts on the situation. More Details: The game I am talking about was my second to last game I played recently as Ekko (Ekko Main), and I got the first kill in lane due to jungle and akali trying to dive me. Although our jungle had a pretty Terrible game, I was ahead in farm and kills at the beginning and stlll unable to 1 v 1 Akali. Now the biggest problem with 1 v 1 on Akali and the Shroud is if you get her low and she uses it she can use her sustain to get herself up to a decent amount of health to come back at you which she should not get so much use of with her Twilight shroud. Let me know what you think I would really like Opinions.
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