Since his rework is next, I'll reveal the hidden OP on Urgod finally.

{{item:3085}} That's right; {{item:3085}} Why? Because it works beyond beautifully with Urgod's passive of course. That is 3 targets now dealing a flat 15% less damage for 2.5 seconds; which, during a team fight, means **a lot**. Not to mention you still want your CDR of course; rushing {{item:3071}} should always be wise because it works with {{item:3085}} too. Also, Urgod is a slow, jiggly sack of meat and can't move around very fast. That 7% movement speed, with the slow on your W, plus your {{item:3009}}, makes it that much easier to actually be useful. Add on top an {{item:3031}} sometime throughout the game, you should be hitting some pretty heavy hits. I'd suggest a general build path would be such; {{item:3071}}, {{item:3042}}, {{item:3085}}, {{item:3110}}, {{item:3031}}, {{item:3009}}. Not entirely in that order, but generally that is how you feel at home on the rails with Urgod. Good luck and have fun out there on the Rift! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} (Oh, and one last thing; use your ult right please. Catch out the most important, squishy enemy you can snag and know your team can finish off. Late game hits and you're taking out the enemy jungler every team fight? Super effective.)
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